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At PACE Advisor we combine decades of experience in real estate, project finance, corporate guidance, renewable energy and sustainability, with our passion for helping clients succeed. When considering a capital improvement project, it is advantageous to partner with technical experts who are also financial experts. We possess this combined expertise.  This allows us to deliver sound advice and exceptional results for our clients.

Martinique II Homeowner's Association

I found the offering of PACE Advisors to be superior to any other option available to us, including having our unit owners pay the assessment via cash or traditional bank loan. When we analyzed the options, PACE Advisors was better.

Michael Sloser, Board of Directors

Condo Owner

As a unit owner, I used PACE Advisors' service and was pleased with the financial benefits and the customer service. I recommend them to any residential or commercial entity that needs a sound financial alternative to cash or bank loan.

Jonathan Knaus, CPA, Regional VP European Division

Commercial Office Building

PACE Advisors helped my contractor and I understand all the details regarding my project, from impact of cost and financing to necessary documentation. They were with us every step of the way and made sure that the job got done and my contractor was paid. My contractor is so happy with PACE Advisors, that they have partnered to make them the back office PACE department.

Chris Encalada Alvarez, Property Owner

Commercial Industrial Building

Our project came off wonderfully, and we are very happy with the process, inclusive of the work done by the PACE Advisors-recommended contractor. PACE Advisors serves the property owner and therefore makes the process stress and worry free. Take it from me, have PACE Advisors help you with your PACE project. You will be happy you did.

Carlos Plaza, Property Owner

Residential Building

I am so pleased with the way PACE Advisors worked on my project. They responded to all requests in a timely fashion, and showed great expertise and customer service skills. They helped my contractor register for PACE, which was not easy. I will send them more clients in the future.

Priscilla Reyes, Homeowner

why choose us?


Our team has over twenty years of success in designing, managing, and financing property improvements for residential and commercial clients.

Positive Cashflow Approach

We focus on making your project pay for itself, from designing improvements to maximize savings, to driving costs down during construction, and by using advanced financing options.

We Oversee the Whole Project

We handle every aspect of your project so you don't have to.

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